Lab Philosophy

The expectations from everyone:

Our lab is based on the following four pillars. All of us within the team remember them as we work on scientific discoveries and innovations.

Communication: Communication is inherent in having a healthy environment where everyone is welcome to express their expectations, needs and concerns. We treasure this attitude and we take the time to appreciate each other and discuss any issues that we may need to improve on as a team, as often as necessary.

Respect: We treat everyone (including ourselves) with respect and dignity. We all appreciate one another and offer gratitude, support and apology to each other as needed. We recognize that such attitude only shows our strength and we are proud to have this culture among our team.

Motivation: We only work on projects that excite us and we believe in their impacts and values. It is common to go through occasional experiences of what appears to be failure in research. But we always go back to our core values, and intellectually, experimentally and morally support one another to rise up to the challenge stronger than ever.

Happiness: Happiness grows out of problems and requires struggles (Author M. Manson). It is the key to productivity and success. Each person gains and expresses happiness differently. We cherish our differences and give one another the space to take care and participate in the healthy activities that make us individually fulfilled. Work-life balance is important to maintain. Seeking advice and mentorship in how to be both academically successful and emotionally fulfilled is encouraged.

More from the PI, Dr. Dena Shahriari:

You can expect me to work hard on providing the mentorship you need for your success. I will guide you to work on projects that are important and will propel your career. I will nominate you for honors, encourage and help you to apply for awards and fellowships, and help with your applications and your writing. You will have regular opportunities to attend workshops and conferences, and will be introduced to our colleagues in the field to expand your network and mentorship community. I will be there to value important moments: is it a success deserving of a celebration or what appears to be a failure that will need support and/or guidance. I will work hard to address your needs as you communicate them openly, so we can ensure a positive and productive experience at the BioAugmentative Interfaces Laboratory for all.